Expert trainers will introduce you to a wealth of real estate investing tools and strategies tailored for any market conditions, including:

  • Finding the best investment properties
  • Creating multiple sources of income
  • Buying and selling strategies to create cash flow
  • Setting up your power team
  • Introduction to foreclosure investing, wholesaling deals and lease options
  • Understanding of the tax benefits related to real estate investing
  • Ways to protect your business and other assets
  • And so much more

ANTHONY HUMPAGE is the CEO of Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. His career has always been financial, entrepreneurial and business focused. A certified public accountant and a British chartered accountant, Humpage holds an MBA Finance degree from Western International University. As a seasoned investor and CEO of a global financial education company, Humpage brings a truly unique perspective to investing and personal finance. His book, Assets Cubed is a revolutionary new approach to grow, protect and preserve wealth by taking a broader perspective; one that crosses and incorporates all asset classes.